Every tailored textile is called unique tarpaulin what is manufactured by an individually designed manufacturing technology and on an earlier constructed structure.

The most common procedures are the hammock roofing, the replacement of various types of awnings tarpaulin, but tarpaulins over hundreds of square meters size are placed above the terraces of restaurants.


Outdoor textiles of other shading structures are typically used. Acryl tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, solar net, water foil are the most frequent.



The design of awnings is determined by the size and material of the specific structure, and the method of operation. The unique tarpaulin is generally a stretched textile on fixed frame which is installed in spring, and dismounted late fall, but there are daily operated tarpaulins too, such as the side walls of a pavilion.

The textile affixing method is determined according to the frequency of the operation and the characteristics of the structure.